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Displaying Memories | Creating Albums, Books + Prints!

We live in a digital age, its completely obvious & truly does make our lives easier in so many ways. I for one definitely won’t complain about the convenience that technology has brought us. BUT with that being said there is nothing that can replace physical elements that we can hold, touch & connect with. I’m a firm believer in creating albums, books & prints.

Having those precious memories displayed around your home is something that no phone or computer screen can give you. Being able to flip through the pages of an album. Waking up to see yourself & loved ones in a frame on the night stand beside your bed holds deeper value than them living only on an electronic.

Physical elements will really pull your heartstrings, meaning much more when you’re going through boxes of old things. You find the prints of grandma & grandpa at your wedding that you forgot you had. Now that they’ve passed on these prints will be little irreplaceable gems. Or when you come across your child’s newborn album. They are growing up so quickly but you have this as a reminder of how they will always be your baby. Maybe even when you want to show your children how cute mom & dad were back in the day at your engagement session. Having these at your fingertips will be something that is priceless. This will be apart of you & your family’s legacy that can be passed down through time.

Since having a child myself I can see how important it is to have images available in physical form. I want to not only have these beautiful life moments & memories displayed for me but also for her. To allow her to encounter them on a regular basis, not just when I happen to stumble across them on my phone or remember they are there later on.

creating albums, books & prints

Having family photos hanging on the walls or available to flip through the albums on the coffee table will allow them also realize the importance of displaying their photos when they are older. Ensuring the memories will live past the life of the electronic. I think backing your digital images up in multiple locations is important as well in case the physical elements are lost or destroyed. You’ll always have the option to reprint if they are stored correctly.

Print your photos, have your photographer create albums, books or other items for you. One very important thing to keep in mind is to only use professional labs for your products. Non professional labs could possibly alter the quality & coloration of your photos. There are many options available to match what style you’d like. Some companies even offer page thickness options to help keep them from being damaged. You can create elements that fit you perfectly, allowing your legacy to truly live on.

I promise you will never regret having your images printed!

Album & Prints created by Alexis Lunsford at Miller’s Lab.

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  • Your are so right! I miss having printed photos. Great post and I always love seeing your work.


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Throughout life I’ve found myself habitually concerned with other’s experiences & how things makes them feel. Whether that be how it makes people feel when something is said or if others are having a good time at a gathering I’m hosting, the list goes on… But one thing that stays the same is I always come back to their experience. With this realization I’ve come to know that my expertise lies within experiences alongside stunning images. I design custom a experience for my couples from start to finish with many touch points to ensure your wedding vision is brought to life in photos.

My reputation being of upmost importance to me, I only deliver the best of the best. I base my business & how I conduct myself on a Christian foundation, reliable, trustworthy & always having my client’s experience in mind. I’m so thankful the Lord has blessed me to be able to pursue this dream & share my gift the world.

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