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Do You Need Two Photographers at Your Wedding?

Do I really need 2 photographers at my wedding?

Many people may have this question in their mind, which is completely understandable! I can easily answer that question with a yes! BUT most couples aren’t in the wedding industry so they would have no idea of why it’s important to have two photographers at their wedding. If a couple wants the entire day documented two photographers is a must. Unfortunately as we all know it’s impossible for one person to be in two places at once. On wedding days there is almost always two things happening at one time.

Some examples would be bride & groom getting ready at the same time, so you need two photographers to be with each person & their group. Reactions from both the bride & groom for First Looks or as the bride enters the ceremony. One can capture the bride as she walks down the aisle & the other can capture the look on the groom’s face as he sees his forever walking to him. Different perspectives from two photographers is important to photograph emotional moments that you’ll want to remember forever!

Do You Need two Photographers at Your Wedding?

There is also the more variety in your final gallery having photos from different angles. Giving you more images & a wider selection of each event, telling your wedding story in the most detailed way! Just know you’re going to want to look back & remember every detail that you can & having a second photographer is one way to help make that happen. Think of your photographer as your wedding day storyteller & illustrator. We capture moments of the day that you will be able to look back on & relive. It is extremely important to tell the story in detail for your memories so when you’re flipping through that gorgeous custom album you don’t miss a moment of your incredible wedding day journey.

Do You Need two Photographers at Your Wedding? Atlanta Wedding photographer
Atlanta Wedding photographer
Atlanta Wedding photographer
Atlanta Wedding photographer
Do You Need two Photographers at Your Wedding?

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